What Makes a Good Roommate?

March 19, 2018

5 Habits of a Good Roommate

Everyone wants to be a good roommate and not a crappy roommate (hopefully). So, when you’re in shared apartments with a roommate or a few, it’s important to be aware of certain habits you have around the house to avoid becoming that dreadful roommate everyone regrets living with. But what makes someone a good roommate—one who’s easy to live with? Check out the list below for all the qualities to look for in a roomie and to emulate yourself to be an easy roommate.

1. They’re Into Keeping Things Clean

Of course, one of the first things that come to mind when considering a roommate in student apartments  is how clean they’ll be. Unless you’re Shrek, you likely don’t want to live in a dirty or unkempt place. It goes without saying that a clean and tidy roommate is ideal for student housing.

Everyone forgets to wash a dish now and then or leaves a mess on the counter without remembering to clean up immediately. But, there’s a big difference between being human and just being a dirty roommate who doesn’t clean up after him or herself. If you’re good at keeping things clean, that’s the first step to being a good roommate.

2. The Know About R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Repeat after me—I will respect my roommate! Respecting your roommate or multiple roommates is an imperative part of roomie relationships on many different levels. It’s as important to respect your roommate’s sleep and study schedule in off-campus student housing as it is to respect his/her privacy and space. 

If you’re in a shared accommodation, you and your roommate can go one of two ways—be mutually respectful of each other (and therefore, get along), or have no respect for each other, which makes for a miserable living situation. So, make it a habit to always remain respectful towards your roommate(s). 

3. They Believe that Sharing is Caring

We learned at a young age that sharing is caring. And, just like when we were little and wanted to borrow a friend’s toy and weren’t happy when they wouldn’t oblige to share, it’s the same with adults in student housing.

It can be as simple as sharing a kitchen pan or a dish. Or, you might feel comfortable sharing your favorite top when your roommate wants to impress a date. Sharing is caring, people—even as adults! Good roommate 101.

4. They Have Reasonable Expectations

A good roommate is reasonable with their expectations of the others in shared apartments. This means being reasonable about things like cleaning expectations as well as being sensible and understanding about having guests.

Both you and your roommate should be able to have guests over without drama. Good roommates will be understanding about you having a friend over for a movie or to spend the night. But, it’s also important that you’re reasonable as well and don’t have visitors coming in at crazy hours when he or she is studying for a huge test. 

5. They’re Friendly and Inclusive

When you move in with someone, whether you’ve known him or her your whole life or just met him or her on a roommate finder, we all hope for the same thing—that they’ll be nice. But, more than that, what makes a good roommate situation even better is when both roomies are friendly and/or inclusive. Remaining friendly and inviting your roommate to join in on your fun college activities every now and then not only makes you an easy roommate, but it also makes everything less awkward and more fun.


Looking for someone to live with but unsure of how to find a roommate you won’t hate? When searching on a roommate finder for someone to share off-campus student housing2 with, key an eye out for someone that seems to meet the qualities above.