4 Reasons Why the Search for Student Housing Sucks

February 20, 2018

When the time rolls around to look for off campus apartments for the next year or semester, it’s an easy task to put off…and off…and off. Aside from finding the right area to be in and the proper house or apartment for your needs, there are even more major pain points when it comes to searching for off campus living.

Check out three of the reasons below why using a student-housing app such as MyRentHero is the right move for you and your roommates/housemates.

  1. Not Knowing When to Start Looking

According to LifeHacker, the best time of year to start looking for a new apartment is November. In general, LifeHacker reports that summer is the worst time to apartment hunt since recent grads are moving to new places for new jobs during this time. Additionally, one-year leases for that year’s grads are coming to a close, opening up the floodgates for even more of a housing search frenzy.
Also, LifeHacker suggests that the best time of the month to begin your search is either the very beginning or very end of the month. When the right time comes to begin looking for your new home, make sure you use the MyRentHero student-housing app to make the overall student housing process less painful.

  1. Scammers Are Out There

Beware—scammers are out there, and they’re ready to take your cash. Sometimes a picture is NOT worth a thousand words when the pictures provided aren’t legit. If someone—especially on Craigslist—is posting a gorgeous apartment for super cheap, don’t dive in with a month’s rent and security deposit first!
Scammers out there are posting pictures of the perfect off-campus student housing for overly attractive prices, trying to catch someone to send them the rent or security deposit when there isn’t an apartment to actually be rented. Follow the U.S. News warning, and don’t send a deposit for an apartment before visiting in person.
If something seems sketchy about a landlord or property, you can also Google search the email they use and/or details of the rental scheme. If they’ve done this scam before, you’ll likely find evidence of it on the web. At the end of the day, play it safe. If it seems like a scam, it’s probably a scam.

  1. The Process of Applying

Let’s get right to the point with this one—the process of applying for student housing sucks. No one ever said this process was fun. Between gathering your roommates, having everyone fill out the necessary paperwork, scan or deliver the paperwork back, etc., locking down your student housing is a pain.
A student-housing app, such as MyRentHero, is an easy fix for this problem. We all have a phone or computer. So, once you find the housing you want and create an account, you and your roommates and guarantors can sign the lease with just a click.

  1. Finding the Right People to Live With

Before looking for off campus apartments, you’ll likely need to find someone (or a few people) to live with. Finalizing whom you’re living with is a good first step before choosing an actual apartment. This way, you’ll know how many people you’ll be living with and therefore, how many bedrooms to look for. You’ll also be able to get everyone’s take on the apartments for rent so you can make sure each individual is in agreement with student housing you choose.
You’ve likely never heard anyone exclaim,  “I love looking for off-campus student housing!” And that’s because, point blank, the search for student housing sucks. Make life a little easier on yourself and your housemates/roommates, and download the MyRentHero app to help you through the process.
What’s been the biggest pain point in your search for off-campus student housing? Let us know in the comments below!